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SpinLEDs increase the efficiency of light-emitting diodes (LED's) when used as grow lights for plants. The plant is supplied with a controlled rotation of high luminous light emitting diodes at an extraordinarily short distance from the light source, and with less heat than conventional methods. Also in contrast to conventional growth lamps, the rotation effect of the SpinLEDs prevents shadowing thus increasing surface efficiency through dynamic exposing.

A relatively small number of high luminous LED's are used like a moving light, where the rotational speed, light, and color intensity are all seamlessly controllable to simulate a multitude of environments.

> Video < 24 watt input @ 200 to 1200µm on research desk

The advantages of light-emitting diodes in the field of biotechnology are the relatively small amount of current consumption with respect to conventional methods, the long life span, and the highly accurate wavelength of light available. Due to low maintenance costs and low energy consumption, LED technology is expected to grow in volume, demand, and investment. As a result, fluorescent tubes and high pressure vapor lamps are being displaced from the market as LED technology improves and becomes cheaper.

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